Refueller KAMAZ 65115 Tank Truck-465175-17

The Refueller based on Kamaz allows you to transport and temporarily store oil products. These fuellers are designed to work with light liquids with density 860 kg / m3.

This fueller's payload is 14620 kg, the tank volume is 17 m2. It has 3 compartments of 5, 7 и 5 m2 respectively. You can also buy at Sespel company refuellers based on MAZ with 17200 kg payload and 20 m2 tank volume.

The fueller's length is more than 8 meters, despite its size KAMAZ 65115 shows excellent off-road ability. The fueller's tank is mounted on the chassis for which 19 tons axle load indicator is acceptable.

To increase the functionality the refuellers are sold with additional components.  You ca buy KAMAZ refuellers in any big city of Russia where we have our representative offices: in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg. Please, refer to page "Contacts" for our addresses and phone numbers.

Buying tank trucks for oil products and other machinery at our company gives you the opprtunity to get European components optimal for operation in Russia. If you have a necessity you can address our service centers - professional service and maintenance are provided in many Russian big cities.

  • Specifications

Refueller KAMAZ 65115 Tank Truck-465175-17 - технические характеристики
Rated capacity, l 17000
Compartments 3
Total length, mm 8245
Height, mm 3150
Width, mm 2500
Wheel Base, mm 3690+1320
The distance between axes, mm 1320
Wheels 385/65 R22,5; 6+1
Total gross weight, kg 22400
Axle load, kg 19000
Payload, kg 14620
Curb weight, kg 10514

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Tank Truck АЦ-465175 KAMAZ 65115, 17 m3, 3 compartments, свн-80 - ЗАО «Сеспель»
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