The history of Sespel

The history of Sespel runs deeply in 1988. A team of fellow-thinkers decided to start hi-tech business namely assembly of the popular Delta-C computer together with Cheboksary Instrument Plant. When more than 1000 computers have been made the business succeeded and the company management decided to take 5 ha of land in Morgaushsky District to build a plant.

The name "Sespel" appeared for a reason. In Chuvash language it means "the first flower". This flower - a herald of spring, a symbol of awakening of nature - was simply doomed to lead the company to rapid growth and prosperity.

But for this purpose a good business idea was needed. And in 1997 it appeared. It was decided to manufacture semi-trailers for bulk cargo that the new developing economy lacked so much. The same year all the necessary technical documentation was elaborated and prepared.

In 1999, the first three semi-trailers were produced in two hangars of total area 1800 sq.m. In three years, their release reached 58 (items). In 2004 when the machine shop was launched and we started to cooperate with BPW (axes) and WABCO (ABS and EBS) the number of products reached almost a hundred per year.

But to survive in the market it was necessary to constantly overtake and outpace competitors. Sespel favoured the highest technologies ever since its establishment. For this reason, in 2005, the first plasma cutting machine was purchased, and in 2006, we started testing a prototype of aluminum semi-trailer which allowed to significantly reduce the products weight. In 2007, the first aluminum semi-trailers rolled off the production line. Altogether that year customers received 400 items.

The Global crisis of 2008 has only worked in Sespel’s favor. The construction of main shop No. 4 of 6000 sq.m in area has been completed. The rotary drawing machine was put there into service. As early as next year it let us develop and start testing fuel and bitumen tankers.

In 2010, the enterprise has passed licensing of activity in Rostekhnadzor (No. PPC 00-40330). The same year a modern laboratory was opened. Gas and chemical tankers became the next stage of development.

In 2012, a unique breakthrough technology was introduced - friction stir welding of aluminum. There are only a few of such machines in the world, and almost all of them operate at the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry.

In 2014, according to plan of Company’s management 1000 (!!!) semi-trailers will leave the territory of the enterprise. And it is only the beginning!

Today Sespel processes 35 tons of metal daily. It is done by the same team of fellow-thinkers. Only now there are more than 450 people in it! The Company’s R&D base includes 180 000 unique parts. Every year we design 6 new semi-trailers and update 25% of details. And processing of aluminum makes 100%!

Today, Sespel’s main customers are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Sespel semi-trailers are noted by awards and diplomas of the most prestigious profile exhibitions. Famous publications, such as Ekspert magazine, wrote and are still writing about “Chuvash miracle”. More than 4000 people visit sespel.com website monthly, and 2000 of them are the new visitors.

The history of Sespel is the history of success. It is a story of obsession with an idea, high technologies, ambition to be the best and desire to be beneficial to the customers. And this story goes on!

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