Fuel Tankers

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4-axle steel semitrailer SF4332.3S_17 4-axle steel semitrailer SF4332.3S_17
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SF3332.4A, fifth-wheel 1250, 4 compartments_01 SF3332.4A, fifth-wheel 1250, 4 compartments_01
<ul type="disc"> <li>The Tank semi-trailer SF3332.4A_01 is made of aluminum alloy. </li> <li>The total capacity is 32 m3 with division into 4 compartments with volumes 8,2 m3/ 7,5 m3/ 9,1 m3/ 7,3 m3. </li> <li>Three-axle single-wheeled air suspension manufactured by BPW (Germany), the warranty is provided by BPW for up to 3 years. </li> <li>The total mass of the semi-trailer is 32000 kg. </li> <li>Double circuit brake system WABCO, equipped with TEBS (2S / 2M) with Roll Stability Support function. </li> <li>The semitrailer is equipped with PVC fenders. </li> <li>The fifth-wheel height is from 1150 to 1250 mm. </li> </ul>
In stock

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