Request Procedure during Warranty Period

Request procedure in case of defect detection

1. Contact the nearest service center of your region for technical help, or call Customer Support PBX +7 8352 22 57 22.

2. If any diagnostics and repairs are necessary the vehicle must be provided to the territory of the selected service center and the filled in service book must be sent to the warranty service department. In case there is no possibility to drive the vehicle down to the service center, the service center may decide to on-site visit by a mobile specialists team.

3. Based on the results of the inspection and the necessary diagnostic work, the service center either accepts the claim or rejects it. The claim rejection must be justified. The owner is provided with all the information and reasons that led to rejection of warranty repairs. The reasons for rejection are recorded in the service book.

Request procedure when operating in a remote area

1. In case of a malfunction in the conditions of extreme remoteness from the nearest service center, please, call Customer Support PBX +7 8352 22 57 22 for technical advice.

2. If any diagnostics and repairs are necessary, address the service engineer +7 8352 22 57 22 for further instructions.

3. Send the following set of documents to SESPEL Service and Quality Department by e-mail or by fax +7 8352 22 57 22:
   - a damage claim with seal and signature of the owner of the vehicle (if the form was provided by a service engineer);
   - a copy of the two-page opening of the vehicle’s service book, which indicates the coupon of its pre-sales preparation;
   - photos of the defect with the serial number of the broken unit.

4. If there are all the necessary facilities and equipment, the owner of the vehicle may be authorized by the service and quality department or by the manufacturer to perform repair work using its own resources.

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