Our production is based on the best engineering solutions and the most advanced technologies allowing us to achieve perfect results. The plant is equipped with the range of processing equipment unparalleled anywhere in the world. The low weight of semi-trailers allows customers to save during operation and ensures compliance with the increasing road control requirements.

Tanks differ according to the structure. Each type is adapted to transport the necessary substance as fast, safely and effectively as possible.

Tankers for chemically aggressive substances

Sespel is the only producer of tanks for chemically aggressive liquid in Russia accredited by Rostekhnadzor.

·  each tank is made of matching materials allowing to transport specific goods as safe as possible;

·  chemical-resistant raw materials are used for tankers production;

·  to ensure safety we use thermal protective material which guarantees constant cargo temperature without overheating risk;

·  the internal vessel is ins erted in to a metal structure with reinforcement ribs preventing deformation under mechanical influence;

·  thickened walls, reinforcement and strengthening with fluoroplastic coating allow to guarantee the highest level of transportation safety and ecological properties of goods.

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