Here you can buy a fuel tank semi-trailer made of low-alloy steel. The design, with a volume of 38 m3, is mounted on BPW undercarriage. Model SF3338 is provided with 5 compartments (with capacity 9/6/7/8/8), also upon client's request there can be provided a version with 4 compartments (12, 7, 8, 11 cubic meters). There is also a fuel tanker for light oil products with 3 compartments.

Fuel tankers SF3338 are designed for petroleum products, with a density of 860 kg / cubic metres, gasoline of various grades, kerosene, solar oil. The standard list of equipment includes folowing required components: vent valves, filler caps, gates, containers with sand, fire extinguishers. Due to the provision of pumps and bottom unloading systems, it is possible not only to transport and store substances, but also to refuel. Tanks for fuel transportation : design features.

Tanks for fuel transportation have a total weight of more than 40 tons, with length, width and height indicators of 11.15 m, 2.55 m and 3.785 m. The high payload (32.7 tons) makes the fuel tanker 964848 indispensable for the fuel supply of private consumers and enterprises . There are trailers that are suitable for use with trucks refueler MAZ, KAMAZ, MAN and others.

The tank manlids and ball valves are manufactured by Civacon. It is colored in bright orange and is supplemented by warning signs. Buy Sespel machinery in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, other large cities of the country and get European components optimized for use in Russia, and service support from the company's professionals. You can find contact information of any representation offices on page "Contacts".

  • Specifications

SF3338 - технические характеристики
Rated capacity, l 38000
Compartments 4; (9,3 м3/11,9 м3 /6,6 м3/10,2 м3)
Total length, mm 11150
Height, mm 3850
Width, mm 2550
Wheel Base, mm 6040+1360+1360
The distance between axes, mm 1360
Wheels 385/65 R22,5; 6+1
Total gross weight, kg 40600
Vertical load on the fifth wheel, kg 13650
Axle load, kg 26950
Payload, kg 29050
Curb weight, kg 7900

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