Sespel produces tanks for transportation of fuel and fuel tankers made of low-alloy steels for transportation of other light oil products. New fuel tankers are manufactured with a useful volume of 35 m3. Sespel sells refuellers and other gasoline tankers, which you can see on our website.

The semitrailer is divided into three working compartments. Each compartment is equipped with a filler neck and a vent valve. The carrying capacity of the tank is 29 tons with dimensions 10500x2550x3715 mm.

  • Specifications

Fuel Tankers  - технические характеристики
Rated capacity, l 35000
Compartments 3; (12,4 м3/12,3 м3 /10,3 м3)
Total length, mm 10300
Height, mm 3800
Width, mm 2550
Wheel Base, mm 5610+1360+1360
The distance between axes, mm 1360
Wheels 425/85R21; 6+1
Total gross weight, kg 35200
Vertical load on the fifth wheel, kg 12375
Axle load, kg 22825
Payload, kg 30100
Curb weight, kg 5100

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Our engineers will help you calculate the optimal load on the road according to the RF Government Regulation No. 12 dated 01.05.2015 for your cargo and your tractor for operation without overloading and fines.
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SF3335_5А_100, fifth-wheel 1150, 5 compartments - ЗАО «Сеспель»
SF3335_3А_02, fifth-wheel 1150, 3 compartments - ЗАО «Сеспель»
SF3335_4А_01, fifth-wheel 1150, 4 compartments - ЗАО «Сеспель»
SF3335_5А_01, fifth-wheel 1250, 5 compartments - ЗАО «Сеспель»
SF3335_4S_01, fifth-wheel 1250, 4 compartments - ЗАО «Сеспель»
SF3335_3S_01, fifth-wheel 1250, 3 compartments - ЗАО «Сеспель»
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