The Model SF3345 was released in 2014 and has become very popular both in Ekaterinburg and in other cities of Russia and CIS countries due to the great capacity. The volume of the tank is 45 cubic meters. For better functionality, it is divided into 4 compartments. This makes it possible to use the fuel tanker simultaneously for various light petroleum products (with the density up to 860 kg / m3): diesel fuel, varieties of gasoline, kerosene.

The tank SF3345 is made of steel alloys with low indexes. The high quality of metal, the anticorrosive tank coating determine its durability - with proper care it can serve about 30 years or more.

The fuel tank is equipped with BPW axle. Its application is optimal with MAZ, KAMAZ or other semitrailer tractors. The dimensions of the trailer SF3345 are 13x3.8x2.55 m. Having a weight of about 47 tons its lifting capacity is 37.35 tons. In our company you can also buy other fuel trucks.

When purchasing a fuel tanker, you can order additional equipment of domestic or European components: vapor recuperation systems, meters and fuel delivery units, pumps with various technical characteristics.

Sespel machinery is popular and available practically throughout the country. Here are the cities where you can buy fuel tankers: Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Kazan and others. In addition, in major cities of the country there are also representation offices - you can find their addresses on the web page Contacts.

  • Specifications

Fuel Tankers  - технические характеристики
Rated capacity, l 45000
Compartments 4 (9 м3/12 м3/12 м3/12 м3)
Total length, mm 13050
Height, mm 3785
Width, mm 2550
Wheel Base, mm 6795+1360+1360
The distance between axes, mm 1360
Wheels 385/65R22,5; 6+1
Total gross weight, kg 47000
Vertical load on the fifth wheel, kg 15700
Axle load, kg 31300
Payload, kg 38700
Curb weight, kg 8300

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