SF3B35 fifth-wheel 1350, 1 compartment_07

  • Specifications

Model SF3B35_1S_07
Rated capacity, l 35000
Total length, mm 10200
Height, mm 3900
Width, mm 2550
Wheel Base, mm 4430+1360+1360
The distance between axes, mm 1360
Wheels 385/65R22,5; 6+1
Total gross weight, kg 35000
Vertical load on the fifth wheel, kg 12600
Axle load, kg 22400
Payload, kg 27800
Axle configuration of the tractor 6x4
Number of compartments 1
Curb weight, kg 7200
Axles SAF
Fifth wheel height, mm 1350
Material Steel
Access box position No
Pump No
Thermal insulation No
Steam heating system No

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