HR Practicies

HR Practicies:

The company’s HR Practices can be described in five words: "competence", "efficiency", "career development", "initiative" and "encouragement".

Staff recruitment is based on competence. It allows to avoid employee turnover as in the process of interviewing potential employees the most suitable candidates are selected.

Our employees are interested in plant’s efficient operation. Therefore we pay much attention to the continuous increase in labor productivity. For this purpose we use job-training, career development and motivation programs. An effective employee means an effective plant!

An employee who doesn’t want to become a manager is a bad employee. To unlock the potential we use trainings and courses awakening interest in a research and development and production activity. Thus we create a skill pool for company’s further development.

The employees’ initiative is welcomed. We try to consider and encourage any of their offers concerning improvement and optimization of production processes.

The Company’s successful development is only possible by the corresponding development of its employees.

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