SF3329_4S_100, 29 m3, 4 compartments, fifth-wheel 1250

The tank semi-trailer SF3329_4S_100 is divided into 4 compartments, it has total capacity of 29 m3. The volumes of the separate compartments are 4 (8,0 m3/ 6,4 m3/ 8,7 m3/ 5,9 m3). For its manufacture low-alloy steel and other alloys are used. A filler neck and vent valves prevent potential explosion hazards when transporting light fractions of refined products. 

The fuel tanker mass reaches 32000 kg. The paylod of the machinery is more than 24 tons with dimensions10.20х3.35х2.55 m. The load of fuel tanker on axles is 9500 tons.

Design features

The Fuel Tanker SF3329_4S_100 is equipped with ladders, hoses, pumping equipment, fire extinguishers, boxes for sand. Tanks for fuel transportation allow you to safely transport different types of fuel from bases to gas stations. They are also used for dosed refueling of cars, construction machinery and equipment running on gasoline or other light fuel. At the customer’s request the fuel tanker can be equipped with bottom loading systems, vapor recovery systems, fuel delivery units, meters and pumps.

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  • Specifications

Model SF3329_4S_100
Rated capacity, l 29000
Total length, mm 10200
Height, mm 3350
Width, mm 2550
Wheel Base, mm 4775+1360+1360
The distance between axes, mm 1360
Wheels 385/65R22,5; 6+1
Total gross weight, kg 31700
Vertical load on the fifth wheel, kg 9500
Axle load, kg 22200
Payload, kg 24650
Axle configuration of the tractor 6x4
Number of compartments 4
Curb weight, kg 7100
Axles BPW
Fifth wheel height, mm 1250
Recovery No
Material Steel
Access box position On the left side
Pump No

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Our engineers will help you calculate the optimal load on the road according to the RF Government Regulation No. 12 dated 01.05.2015 for your cargo and your tractor for operation without overloading and fines.
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